Never Again Ebay….

So.. a bit of a long story. You need a back story to explain this one!

We started a small business after talking to someone who needed a reliable supplier of Marshmallow Leaf. They agreed that they would buy from us, if we could get a reliable source. We did all the leg work, found a good source of high quality product, and started marketing, on Facebook, Ebay etc. It started selling well, but the idea was that the other person would buy enough of it to cover the cost, and everything else was a bonus, and what we would make the small amount of profit on.

We went back to the person involved, to let him know we had found a good wholesale supplier…   He then wanted the suppliers we had found, so he could cut us out, which obviously we weren’t prepared to do. Amongst other problems, so we decided not to work with him any more.

Back to Ebay…  I logged in, to take the current sales down, as we wanted to have a break from it, while we decided whether or not to continue selling. It was selling well, but was a lot of work, the Marshmallow had to be sifted by hand, which made it in to three different grades, weighed, bagged up, listed on ebay and our website, taken to the post office etc. We had so many sales I was going to the post office at least three times a week with parcels in the push chair.

When I logged in to ebay, it said the account was suspended, as the ebay fees were late. Perfect, I thought… Suspended means no-one can buy from us, so I will log in when we decide if we are going to continue, pay the fees, and carry on. Simple. No.

While the account was suspended, sales still went through….  Being as I was having a break, I didn’t look at it. I didn’t log in to the emails on the tablet, as I didn’t need to, there weren’t any sales right? Wrong. Not only did we not know about the sales, it was long enough for them to be reported, refunded and bad feedback left. Business Ruined. 100% positive feedback destroyed, and all because Ebay decided to let sales on a suspended account go through. What is the point in suspending the account if they can still sell? Ebay themselves have said that sales can’t go through on a suspended account.

So we sent out as many orders as we could, even to those that had claimed refunds. Those that had left negative feedback, we wrote to, offering a doubled up order if they still wanted to go ahead. We also sent messages via Ebay to all those involved.

It was still not enough. The account has now been permanently restricted, which means we are never able to sell on Ebay again.

Not too bad, you think… We closed the business down. Cancelled the domain name, Facebook page, emails etc. So I don’t need the PayPal account or Ebay account. However, it has linked itself to my Personal account. The one I had been using for many years, prior to this screw up. My personal account has the same restrictions. I am never allowed to sell on ebay again.

So I have been appealing, for the last few days, with emails and live chat. I have found them nothing short of unhelpful. The short version, of what I managed to get out of them by asking them straight, simple questions (It was painfully obvious English was not their first language), was that I could not have the restrictions lifted without resolving the issue on the account, but I could not resolve the issue on the account, as it was permanently restricted due to low seller status….. Very helpful. They also said that creating a new account was not allowed, they would restrict that one too. I pointed out that I had not opened a new account, the one I had was years old. 570 odd positive feedback should tell them that…

They said I could continue shopping on Ebay, I just wasn’t allowed to sell. I don’t think so Ebay.. Never again.

Full conversation, for those with the patience to read it.. HERE.

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