Doodle Book

Many years ago… (haha) while I was at school, studying A Level Art and AS Graphic Design, I drew a lot. It was so calming and relaxing. You disappear in to another world when you get really in to the pictures. I loved it. I don’t have time to draw properly now. I have many unfinished projects in my head, that I know will probably never be completed now. Maybe one day.

Anyway..  After seeing many pretty things drawn on Facebook, I yearned to draw again. It helped when I was feeling down. It helped to clear my mind. I needed that again.

So, just for Rufus..  I got this little book..



The first page is dedicated to the person that brings the most sunshine to my life… 


And the second…  A double page spread.

(I have also developed a new love for the effects I can put on photos from my phone!)

Once I feel the doodle is complete, I move on. Next page. The Faith one I did on the bus this morning. I spent so long during school drawing/sketching/doodling on the bus, and again when I went to college, that unless the bus driver is particularly heavy footed, I’m ok drawing while moving.. It passes the time and helps clear my mind.

I may invest in some good paper, and start drawing again. But then, I have a little helper now, so I don’t know when I would find the time!

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