Returning to work

Last Thursday was my first day back at work after nine months of Maternity leave. I had built myself up so much stress about going back to work, how I really didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to leave her with someone else, and I was really going to miss her.

Thursday came.. I was almost crying on the way to work. Then I got here. I was pretty much left to it on my first day back. I looked through the catalogue, I looked at the phones we had on the wall, and I looked through all the new accessories. Then I had a couple of top up customers. I was told to do just topups and phone repair booking in until I spoke to the manager, Dave, on the Friday. Not really my style.
I had an upgrade customer, with 3 phones to upgrade, and some additional work that needed doing.. So I cracked on. It’s weird, it’s like I haven’t been off! Everything is just slotting back in to place.

Spoke to the manager the next day, went over what I had done, and what I was remembering, and things that had changed, new systems, new offers etc.

I do miss my little Daisy, but it is just like being at work before. I am not as distracted and miserable as I thought I would be. We need to make sure Daisy understands as she grows up that if you want to have nice things, you have to go to work to earn them! Mummy and Daddy need to work to earn the money to buy her pretty clothes and toys.

I am doing two days a week, which isn’t too bad for leaving her. She is staying with a friend who has a little boy who is a year old that we go swimming with, or with her Grandma when her days off match up with my working rota.

I think I worried more about how I would feel than the worry I actually have. I would rather be at home with her, but a job is important to pay the bills!

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