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Cloth nappies do save you a lot of money.

Unless you are like me, fall in love with really pretty fluffy ones, and decide that a complete set of two different types is very much needed.

Tots bots Easyfits come in lots of different prints, as well as some block colours. There are 4 different versions (v1, v2, v3 and v4), and some that were designed by Frugi (3 sets of 4 already out, one coming soon).

I know this because I joined a Tots Bots Addicts group on Facebook. I joined lots of different groups on there that were selling preloved Cloth nappies (always a good way of trying out nappies to see if the different types work for you before investing in loads of new ones, and a good way of increasing your stash with hard to find, one off, customs or good bargains for pretty fluff.)

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I blame them entirely for this new addiction. I had to check what version a nappy I had bought was, as that design was in both v3 and v4, so I could check it off on the right list.. I found myself checking off 5 more on the list of nappies, that I had bought. Planning to make sure the credit card was clear when the next set of Frugi nappies came out, so I could buy the whole set. Probably a set for me, and a couple for trades later down the line.. 

The bonus is, when you are done with them, they tend to hold their resale value. There will always be people wanting the cloth nappies, and more people down the line wanting to complete their sets. Some of these are a few years old, but the more nappies you have in your rotation, the less each individual one is used, so it is in better condition. I am planning at least one more child, so they will be in Cloth from birth. So when I am pregnant, I can get the sets all over again in Teeny Fit (the Newborn size!)

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