I’m online!

For so long I have wanted my own blog / website. I have had so many ideas going round my head. Things I wanted to say. Topics I wanted to blog about.
And now, finally… It is here. This week a lot of my ideas are starting to take place. I own 10 domain names now.
The idea was for me to develop a few different blogs. Give me a hobby, something to work on while I was on Maternity leave. But I found other things to work on (coming in a later blog post). Still, I was itching to start writing, so they needed to go up.

There are so many things I want to say, so much in fact that all of my thoughts are jumbled together and I can’t form a proper post. It is starting to ramble already. But it is 9:17pm, and I have a squirming baby next to me, wanting to get at my phone. She loves bright lights.

Thanks to the wonder of modern technology, I can feed Daisy and carry on blogging at the same time. From my phone. I love it. 🙂

So, being as this is my first blog post, I really should introduce myself. Or rather, the blog. There is an About Me page for stuff about me. For those that don’t know me that is. How many strangers will read this, I don’t know. But I suppose it is the way things are done.

I have such a constantly busy mind that I need an outlet. Somewhere I can release the random thoughts and feelings and articles I think about while doing other things. There are so many different things I want to blog about that I have a few different websites to do it. I like things sorted and orderly, rather than having all the posts in one place, I also have other websites specifically for those things. Although I may share them on both sides.

I don’t have much time to sit down and do nothing, but when I feed Daisy, I am forced to sit down and take it easy for a bit. I would guess this is where I am going to do most of my blogging. Night time feeds are easier for hands free, but I may manage to squeeze in some daytime posts too.

I have many plans for this blog. That is for another post, another time. But I am excited to start the journey. Who is going to come with me on this adventure?

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